AMRI as a dissipation-induced instability of the Chandrasekhar equipartition solution

In winter 1956 S. Chandrasekhar wrote: “One nice result which nevertheless came out at this time was the proof of the stability of the equipartition solution. Wentzel and Goldberger checked my analysis as I could not quite believe the result myself.”

(“A scientific autobiography: S. Chandrasekhar”, K. C. Wali, ed. , World Scientific, Singapore, 2010, p. 38)

Our recent article demonstrates destabilization of the Chandrasekhar equipartition solution of ideal MHD even by an infinitesimally weak dissipation:

Local instabilities in magnetized rotational flows: a short-wavelength approach

O. N. Kirillov, F. Stefani and Y. Fukumoto (2014).
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Volume 760, December 2014 pp 591-633


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